Pronounced [GID*FYE]

Acronym meaning (Get It Da F*ck In), (God I Definitely Feel Incredible) & (Generating Influence Drawing From Inspiration)

GIDFI® Gear is a street brand based out of Maryland, founded in 2013 after seeing my life almost end abruptly from a fatal car accident ...While recovering, I found my purpose which was to leave a lasting mark on every individual that I encountered through art/fashion. With tomorrow not being promised we should stop putting off the things that matter, and do them now. All of our items are created to leave a long lasting effect and show that there are no limits other than the ones you impose on yourself.

Our goal is to influence others to Leave Their Mark on the world by inspiring others. 

Please join us in doing whatever you can to leave an impact on this life, on your friends and family, and show the world what is possible.

#GIDFI #LeaveYourMark

Twitter: @GIDFI_ Instagram: @GIDFI 

Team Members:  

  • Warren Williams 
  • Kareem Ward 
  • Michael Simpson